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Seabirds Menu
Cheesy Vegan Taquito from Seabirds
Cheesy Taquitos from Seabirds Beer Battered Avo Tacos from Seabirds
Quesadilla making at the Follow Your Heart stand I heart Vegenaise!
Cryptozoological Gonads on a Stick from Doomie's Home Cookin' Mint Chip Cone from Kind Kreme


Hey, there, heeeeyyy! I promised you part two, so I give you part two of my one day adventure to the 2013 Los Angeles Vegan Beer Fest. In part one I gushed about meeting Tony Kanal, & shared delicious eats from Shojin, The Franken Stand, Mohawk Bend, & Susan Feniger’s STREET. And as if that wasn’t a lot of food already, oh you betcha, there’s more!

  • At last year’s LAVBF (recapped here) I experienced the magic that is the Seabirds Truck for the very first time. Their fried avocado tacos & jackfruit tacos are legit. I seriously craved them all year long, counting the days for the next LAVBF! They make daily appearances throughout Orange County, & will be opening a restaurant, Seabirds Kitchen, in The Lab this summer, so I really have no excuses if I let another year fly by without visiting them again! It was while I was in line at Seabirds that Tony Kanal walked by, so I jumped out of line to bother, harass gracefully approach him & when I returned to order my food I was so starstruck/flustered that I forgot all about the jackfruit tacos & delicious cupcakes they were offering. I did manage to blurt out a frenzied request for an order of the "Beer Battered Avocado Tacos," while I tried to gain my composure. And once again those tacos did not disappoint! My friend also ordered the "Cheesy Potato Taquitos," oh yeah! I had serious a late night love affair with potato taquitos back in my bar-hopping days, & pretty much O.D.’d on them years ago, but couldn’t pass up an opportunity to try out the Seabirds creation! Crispy, cheesy, comfort food, a perfect beer fest snack, for sure! Please, Seabirds, please come to San Diego before you retire the truck!
  • Follow Your Heart, the makers of everyone’s coveted vegan staple "Vegenaise," & of my favorite vegan mozzerella, was there cooking up samples of grilled cheese sandwiches & quesadillas to show off their new line of gourmet shreds & sauces. The samples were gone just as quickly as they were plated, so I wasn’t able to snap photos, but I did catch them in their cute shirts while I stuffed my face! And lemme tell ya, move over Daiya, there is a new shred is in town! This stuff gets melty like whoa, & in the best way possible, & tastes divine! I cannot wait to get my hands on these shreds, & the "Chipotle Vegenaise!" Oh the culinary possibilities!
  • Next up a trio of "Cryptozoological Gonads on a Stick" by Doomie’s Home Cookin’! Holy, ha whaaaaat??? While I did not sample these myself (my friend got them for the road) I absolutely had to take a photo to share the ridiculous but creative awesomeness that is "Unicorn Nuts, Abominable Snowballs, & Loch Nesticles." OMG! Haha! I wish I could give a better description of what these were comprised of, but I all know is that, while they appear to be sweet treats, they were actually savory! Absolute A+ for presentation & marketing!
  • Last, but most certainly not least I enjoyed a cone of vegan "Mint Chip Ice Cream" from Kind Kreme. They share a space in Echo Park with Sage Organic Bistro, where I had the pleasure of dining for lunch on my birthday! Although I was tempted to try a scoop of Kind Kreme that day, I knew there would be much more indulging later, so I refrained. When I saw them set up at LAVBF, I knew I wouldn’t be leaving without an ice cream cone in my hand! Even though I’d had more than my fair share of food that day, what’s a tiny scoop of ice cream? Besides, “vegan” means “guilt free” right? Sure! I hadn’t had a lick of mint chip since the dairy days & it was worth the indulgence. Sage was there as well, serving up mozzerella sticks & butternut squash tacos, but then my friends would’ve been rolling me out the door!

Thus, that concludes my 2013 LAVBF recap! There were so many other amazing food vendors with amazing looking food that I wish I could’ve stuffed into my belly - M Cafe, Cafe Gratitude, Gracias Madre (yep, they’re opening one in West Hollywood, yay!), LA Vegan Crepe, Mandoline Grill, Golden Road Pub, & more, more, more! LA, you’ve got it going on! I only hope that San Diego can get more on the ball & follow suit. Maybe a SDVBF in the future? We’ll just have to see!

Big props & THANK YOU to QuarryGirl, TDA, & The Roxy for a rocking good time!

Who else is digging these awesome vids from quarrygirl? Tony’s is definitely high on my list of LA vegan joints to check out, & stat! OMG THOSE BRUSSELS SPROUTS!!!! And you better believe I’ll be headed back up to the The Roxy for this years LAVBF!

i’m super excited because today’s video is on our favorite pub in los angeles, tony’s darts away. many of you are probably familiar with the numerous meatless sausage options at tony’s…but did you know about the long list of inventive rotating daily specials, most of which are are vegan? we caught up with chef randy st. clair and learned how he makes traditional meat offerings vegan, as well as his favorite vegetable based dishes. if you haven’t been to tony’s darts away yet, definitely check it out. the food and beer cannot be beat.

oh, and don’t forget to buy tickets to the upcoming LA vegan beer fest that we’re throwing with tony’s and the roxy! it’s gonna be the best vegan event of the year.