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Last Night in Costa Rica

Well, here I am, my last night in Costa Rica! It’s been an amazing trip!

For one last, relaxing day before returning to reality, I treated myself to a night at the "Hilton Garden Inn" by the Liberia Airport. Now, to us Americans, the Hilton is hardly “posh” in comparison, but by Costa Rican standards, this is très, très chic, or shall I say "muy elegante." I happen to also adore staying at nice hotels - I love the crisp & clean, fresh linens, toiletries, etc. Yep, I am total girl!

Now, even those of you who know me well, might not know that I have two very distinct sides to my personality. One, which most of you who know me know, is a true "urban-dwelling-city-girl" who loves fashion, pretty shoes, champagne & nightlife. Yet there is another, more hidden, side of me that is a total "free-spirit, hippie-chick," who loves trees, horses, nature, butterflies, flowers, yoga, the beach & sand in my toes, etc…..

I’ve lived my "free-spirit self" for two weeks, & now I welcome a relaxing, hot bubble bath, a glass of wine, a flowy dress, a little blush & eyeliner, & a nice dinner, albeit solo, once again! So, I ventured down to Carao Restaurant & Lounge” at the hotel. Since I loved the traditional “Casado” at the "Casa Tucan," I figured I should treat myself to the "Costa Rican Casado Gourmet" here, & what a treat it was! As Ina Garten would say, "It was Casado with the volume turned up!" 

"Costa Rican Casado Gourmet:" Salad, Truffle Oil Risotto, White Beans, Fried Plantains Chips, & Fresh Vegetables

The dish on the menu came with a choice of meat, but as I am strictly vegetarian, they kindly allowed me to substitute the meat for fresh veggies. The salad was delightful with: hearts of palm, shredded carrot, marinated mushrooms, red pepper, onion, tomato, black olives, & corn in a light vinaigrette. OMG - The ”Truffle Oil Risotto” was the richest & most decadent I’ve ever had! Truffle Oil is one of my favorite indulgent treats, so I enjoyed this immensely! The “White Beans” were very tender & flavorful, as well. Although, the “Fried Plantains” were nowhere to be seen, you won’t hear any complaints from me, as this meal was divine, regardless, just as it was! 

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