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Dinner with my Sister

My sister, Amber, is staying the night with me in my hotel! Yay! It’s awesome for us to finally have some real bonding time! We have different baby-mamas & didn’t grow up together, so this is really the first time in our lives that we’ve come together & gotten to know each other. She is awesome, & I love her! 

This is how she arrived….

It’s been raining non-stop here for 2 straight days & was pouring buckets when she got off work. So she made a garbage back poncho to keep her dry during the walk over. This is how it’s done in Costa Rica, folks!

We had a nice dinner at the Casa Tucan, where I am staying. I ordered the "Casados Vegetariano." 

"Casado" is a typical Costa Rican meal of rice, black beans, salad, & plantains. More heavenly avocado, too! 

Yum! I could eat this meal everyday! 

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