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The Ghosts in our Machine

Please watch! This looks beautifully filmed, & incredibly powerful, yet painfully poignant. No graphic imagery here. Just the truth. Can’t wait to see this film & what kind of impact it will make.


Through the heart & photographic lens of international animal rights photographer Jo-Anne McArthur, we become intimately familiar with a cast of non-human animals. The film follows Jo-Anne over the course of a year as she photographs several animal stories in parts of Canada, the U.S. & in Europe. Each story represents a different animal industry: Food; Fashion; Entertainment & Research.

"The connection that I have to animals while I’m photographing them is one of empathy. There is a huge mistreatment & inequality between human and non-human animals, & that’s always in the forefront of my mind." – Jo-Anne McArthur

THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE illuminates the lives of individual animals living within & rescued from the machine of our modern world, & shines a light on the complex issue of animal rights, within the context of our voracious consumer-driven world. 

A diverse cast of international voices reflect on the moral question posed: Are non-human animals property to be owned & used, or are they sentient beings deserving of rights?

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The Ghosts in Our Machine theatrical trailer came out last week. Give it a look. It’s not terribly graphic, just sad. I think it’s going to be a great movie. Looks like very powerful stuff. Do you think it’ll change anything? I mean we’ve seen movies change people—the response to Forks Over Knives has been incredible. I hope this gets a response like that!

Follow the film’s FB page for updates on the release and all of that.

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