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Who else is digging these awesome vids from quarrygirl? Tony’s is definitely high on my list of LA vegan joints to check out, & stat! OMG THOSE BRUSSELS SPROUTS!!!! And you better believe I’ll be headed back up to the The Roxy for this years LAVBF!

i’m super excited because today’s video is on our favorite pub in los angeles, tony’s darts away. many of you are probably familiar with the numerous meatless sausage options at tony’s…but did you know about the long list of inventive rotating daily specials, most of which are are vegan? we caught up with chef randy st. clair and learned how he makes traditional meat offerings vegan, as well as his favorite vegetable based dishes. if you haven’t been to tony’s darts away yet, definitely check it out. the food and beer cannot be beat.

oh, and don’t forget to buy tickets to the upcoming LA vegan beer fest that we’re throwing with tony’s and the roxy! it’s gonna be the best vegan event of the year. 

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