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"Vegan Cuts"

Who loves a good deal on quality products & services? I know I do! When I heard about "Vegan Cuts," the new vegan discount website, I had to sign up! 


WHAT IS VEGAN CUTS? Vegan Cuts is a website for vegans who love to save money. Once we officially launch in late April, we’ll be sending our members a weekly email featuring exclusive deals on vegan products & services.

WHAT TYPES OF PRODUCTS AND SERVICE WILL BE FEATURED? Our members will receive special offers on vegan food, clothing, accessories, body products & more!

WHO STARTED VEGAN CUTS AND WHY? Jill & John from VEGAN BACKPACKER started Vegan Cuts because they love coupons & buying vegan products.

HOW CAN WE GET GREAT DEALS AND DISCOUNTS? Anyone can become a Vegan Cuts member today by signing up at VEGANCUTS.COM. Tell your friends & help us spread the word. The more members we have, the better deals we’ll be able to get for our members!

WHEN WILL THE DEALS START? Our goal is to send out our first deal in late April. We’ll be launching a blog next week & announcing some special prizes that can be won by referring friends. Until then, stay tuned!


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