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I’m really excited to check out this awesomeness tomorrow!


the LA vegan beer & food fest hosted by the roxytony’s darts away, and yours truly is tomorrow! get your tickets now before they sell out:

seriously, this is the funnest day of the year: unlimited beer, more vegan food than you could possibly try, and live music! the video above is from last year’s fest, and this one is going to be even bigger and better.

this year’s food vendors include: doomie’sseabirds truckthe frankenstandfresh fries truckmandoline grillcorazon de jah truckmama’s tamalesplant food for peoplesouthern fried veganamanda’s bakerymohawk bendtony’s darts away and golden road pub! plus madeleine bistro is making the ice creme for the motherfucking BEER FLOAT stand. it’s gonna rule. 

Who else is going?

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    I am so much more than excited. Plus, we all know how I feel about beer floats.. Mmm…
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    See you all there!!
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    I’m volunteering at this. Come for...if you drink. Come for
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    Im going! Can’t wait!!! :)
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    I can never go to this. I cry every year.
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    I’m really excited...awesomeness tomorrow!
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