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"Eat Awesome" E-Book!

I wanted to take a little break from the Easter posts & share something really, well, awesome…        

I discovered this little ebook, "Eat Awesome: A Regular Person’s Guide to Plant-based Whole Foods" by Paul Jarvis thanks to Jackie from Vegan Yack Attack. As I have a cookbook obsession, I had to get my hands on it. Better yet, I don’t have to try to stuff it  make room for it on my bookshelf beucase it’s an ebook & I downloaded it on my iPad. Oh yeah, & it’s only $5. 

The photos & styling are stunning & really have me inspired. I love the clean “white on white” approach to the photography.  The food is so fresh & colorful, & it’s as if it is “floating on a cloud,” as my Mom said when I showed her. 

There are 75 gorgeous pages of useful information written in friendly & straight forward manner, & 30 simple nourishing recipes. You’ll drool-worthy recipes for dressings & sauces, meals, desserts & drinks, with a side of humor. I am dying to try his recipe for "raw tomato sauce over zucchini noodles," "chickpea curry," & "raw cheesecake." 

Check it out & order it here.

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