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It’s that time of year for…holiday baking! My plan this season, time allowing, is to bake up some vegan breads & cookies for family & friends. Historically, vegan cookies have been my nemesis, coming out flat & lifeless, or as rock hard, flavorless disks. I have a couple of new recipes to try this time & I am hoping to have more sweet success than frustraing failure. 

One recipe has already made the cut…the "Ginger Cookies" from Vegan Holiday Kitchen. My Mom & I whipped these up over Thanksgiving weekend & they turned out delightful. Puffy & pillow soft, slightly spicy & perfectly sweet. Yaaaay! I love the unexpected addition of raisins or currants in this recipe. We used raisins, but I think tart cherries would add a fun twist. 

I cannot wait to make them again for my holiday cookie plate, perhaps topped with candied ginger to make them even more festive & special. Do you have any tried & true vegan cookie recipes you’d like to share with me? 

***Hint, Hint…want the recipe? Head on over to JL Goes Vegan for a thorough review of the cookbook & the cookie recipe! 

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