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Voodoo Doughnut - Portland, OR

This post is long over due…

I live right across the street from a “Donut Shop.” Every morning when I walk my dog, that sweet smell of deep fried dough wafts through the air, beckoning me like a siren’s song. Do I succumb? Certainly Not. First of all, I don’t trust it. From the looks of that place, the doughnuts are likely cooked in lard. Secondly, don’t need to be eating doughnuts. As I get older, it becomes harder to stay naturally slim, & it would take a lot more than a dog walk to work off a daily doughnut craving. However, there are those days when temptation is hard to resist, & on those days I consider it a blessing that this place is 1000 miles up the coast…


Voodoo Doughnut - “The Magic is in the Hole”

After last month’s Vida Vegan Con, we made a quick pit stop at the notorious Voodoo Doughnut on our way to PDX airport. After seeing this joint featured multiple times on the Food Network & hearing about the late night drunken ventures there from other VVC attendees, I wasn’t about to leave the Pacific Northwest without stopping for a highly acclaimed Vegan Doughnut, or two!


This was the line at 5 pm on a Sunday. Clearly, as this place is open 24 hours & is said to have a lengthy line at all hours, doughnuts are not just a breakfast treat. Fortunately, we had plenty of time before our flight & weren’t daunted by the line, which moved surprisingly quick.


Once inside, we marveled at the menu board & two twirling shelves full of vegan doughnut heaven. The shop is kitchy & a little crass, but they have vegan doughnuts so who cares…



The choice was not an easy one, but with a long line of salivating patrons behind us that might “hex” us for holding up them up, we knew we needed to be swift. As much as we wanted to smuggle home the famous Voodoo Doll & put it to good voodoo use, our juju & karma couldn’t take it, so we settled for our favorite standbys - a jelly filled & maple bar. One of each for each of us, thankyouverymuch…


Vegan Raspberry Romeo - glazed raised yeast doughnut filled with raspberry jelly


Vegan Maple Bar - raised yeast doughnut with maple frosting on top

We patiently waited as a fresh batch was just about to emerge from the oven. Then, armed with our bag of 4 piping hot sinful snacks (at least we ate very healthy through most of the trip!), we raced to the rental car & rushed off to the airport where we planned to get really classy by washing our doughnuts down with a glass of wine. We couldn’t help but tear off a tiny corner for the drive. OMG. They ARE that good! 


The only other vegan doughnut I’ve tried was from BabycakesNYC in LA, & while it was super tasty, it was more dense & cake-like in texture & tasted more…well, “healthful.” Voodoo’s vegan doughnuts are the real deal. Light, fluffy, sugary-sweet & not at all healthy, but certainly hit the spot when you want to ditch the diet & live freely. BTW, nothing about these tasted “vegan” which got us thinking - how do we really know? We put our trust in the vegan voodoo masters & we were definitely under their spell. Hopefully the joke wasn’t on us!

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