It’s a new month, it’s my birthday, & I am moving into a new house this weekend! So much change, so much growth. It’s as exciting as it is daunting. After years of struggle & heartache, I’m closing the book on the final chapter of an old & tired story. A true new beginning lies ahead. A crisp blank page awaits, & new story is about to unfold. I feel happy & hopeful for the first time in a long time. 

Tonight, I get to escape from the sea of packed boxes that surround me, & venture up to Los Angeles to have this charming man serenade me! My first stop in LA will be at BabyCakesNYC for some vegan cupcakes, ‘cause “it’s by birthday & I’ll gorge if I want to!” I’ve chosen Shojin for my birthday dinner, & can’t wait to spend the evening with my BFF

Hope to share a review of the restaurant & recap of my weekend soon! And keep your ears open for the announcement of my new project! 

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