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Last Chance for KOOSHOO Journey Shawl Pre-sell! 

If you are connected with Vegenista on Facebook, then you probably remember me posting about KOOSHOO’s Kickstarter Campaign, which was wildly successful by the way, a few months ago. I’ve been meaning to share here as well, but life’s been busy & I’ve been a little forgetful! I received my "Journey Shawl" reward last month & I love it! It came just in time for my yoga teacher training mantra & meditation weekend & I rocked in more ways than one ~ from the beach, to the studio, & in between - as a scarf, a wrap, halter top & more. It’s beautiful, comfortable, lightweight & oh so soft. And what’s best, these shawls are made with so much care, conscience & love!


KOOSHOO was founded by Jesse & Rachel, husband & wife yoga teachers proudly based out of North Vancouver, Canada. Together with a small, tight-knit team, they have set out to create a lifestyle company that does good at every level – from the communities growing the textiles to the beautiful souls wearing the final yoga headbands, hairties & fashion scarves.

KOOSHOO was founded for a simple reason: to help others feel good. That includes everyone from the individuals growing the crops right through to you, the end consumer. We achieve this by operating our business with the core values of honesty, transparency & love.

We are dedicated to finding & working alongside ethical & sustainable companies in the fashion industry. This has led us to work with family businesses in LA that weave, dye, cut, sew & package our products. It’s their beautiful work that brings these products to life.

In Hawaiian there is a beautiful word for family called ohana. With ohana it’s understood that family is there to help uplift each other so there is never anyone left behind. This is how we view KOOSHOO - as our Ohana - & for this reason we choose to donate 11% of KOOSHOO sales to charities that help uplift. With this family, we can help people everywhere feel good by creating beautiful products in a way that uplifts all.

Wow! Such an awesome company with a beautiful concept & mission statement! 

If these gorgeous shawls strike your fancy, now is the time to get a hold of one, as midnight July 30 marks the end of KOOSHOO’s extended 20% OFF Pre-Sale on the Journey Shawls. Already received your shawl & looking for a little inspiration on how to "Rock It," or just curious to see it in action? The tutorial videos are now live! Simply click here to be transported to a land of learning (once you’ve clicked on the link, scroll down to find the Journey Shawl Ways-to-Wear videos).

The rave reviews have been pouring in from around the world, so if you’ve had your eye on the 12-outfit-in-1 Journey Shawl act fast. Shop the Journey Shawls here & let them know that Vegenista sent you. Be check back here soon, as I’ll be partnering with KOOSHOO to host a giveway!

One of the beautiful rescued horses One of two Llamas!
Amanda feeding the horses Justin & Babe Nichole, Tonya, Jennifer, Callie, Amanda & me of the San Diego Vegan Ladies Cooking Club!

A Visit to Ferdinand’s Familia Rescue Ranch

I spent my Sunday in the best way possible…with good friends & rescued animals! My beautiful friend Amanda (in the red sweatshirt) organized a small group of us to tour Ferdinand’s Familia Rescue Ranch to meet, feed & love on the animals.

About the Ranch: 

Ferdinands’ Familia is a non-profit 501(c)(3) home-based organization dedicated to the rescue & permanent placement of injured, abandoned and homeless animals. We provide a safe & secure home for animals until a healthy family environment can be located. We strive to create awareness on animal welfare issues through educational seminars, community events, media-based public relations and K-12 school field trips.

I’d heard of Ferdinand’s Familia & knew that they were a small animal sanctuary, however, I didn’t know that they had so many rescued horses! What originally began as a rescue for wild dogs, the ranch soon became a home for horses when they found two beauties, now named "Rodeo" (pictured above giving the camera a big kiss) & his partner "Maggie May," abandoned in a Tijuana River Valley stable. Volunteers from Ferdinand’s Familia spent three weeks digging Rodeo & Maggie out of six months of horse manure. They are both now living happier & healthier lives at Ferdinand’s Familia. I have a long history with horses & have been riding since I was 5, so walking on to a horse ranch is a bit like coming home. And a ranch full of rescued horses really has my heart. Many of these horses have been relinquished or abandoned. Some have been abused & neglected. Some came with stories of a broken spirit that have been mended by trust & time on the ranch. The ranch is now home to at least 20 horses of all sizes & ages. 

Aside from the horses, there are goats, lambs, pigs, & llamas, even chickens, bunnies, kitties & dogs living joyfully on the ranch. "Babe" the mini pig pictured above is very special little guy & is known as the ranch ambassador. He came to Ferdinand’s Familia from a hoarding situation. Babe was under-socialized when he came into the rescue program & screamed at the top of his lungs anytime someone came near him. The ranch’s president, Janice, worked with Babe for a little over a month & by the time he moved to the ranch, Babe was allowing her to rub his ears, his nose & his belly. Now, he his is living the ultimate piggie life. He roams the ranch with a smile & wagging tail, lovingly greets visitors, welcomes pats & the head & belly rubs & loves to snack on apples & carrots. If you visit the ranch, you must stop by & say hello to Babe!

These are just a few snapshots & stories of animals living peacefully at Ferdinand’s Familia. Please visit their website to learn more about their animals & programs. If you live in San Diego, there are several opportunities to tour, volunteer, become a member or sponsor. Please contact them for more information. 

This is a truly wonderful place! As noted in their "charter statement"

Ferdinand’s Familia recognizes the importance of animal companionship with both young & old, reaching out to schools, retirement homes & recovery homes. We recognize the important work of other animal rescues & animal sanctuaries protecting & sustaining the life of our animal friends. We support spay & neuter programs for all animals where possible. We recognize that humans must share, protect & respect the Earth’s environment with the other creatures which inhabit the planet with us. We believe that it is best to sustain life & earth’s inhabitants in their natural forms. We promote vegetarianism, veganism & raw food living as a means to promote both animal & human well-being. We believe that all natural & domesticated animal species possess a basic right to exist.

We promise to open our doors to abandoned, homeless, injured & relinquished animals, making every effort to secure a healthy & happy home for life.

Heartwarming! If you are touched by these animals &/or live in San Diego county, please reach out to Ferdinand’s Familia to see how you can offer your service & support to the love, care & rehabilitation of these beautiful creatures! 

Native Pals Supports Farm Sanctuary & More!

Hi Compassionate Friends! Have you heard? Native Foods recently launched a partnership "Native Pals," a “new giveback program” where they bring all of their restaurants together to work for great causes. Native has partnered with three amazing national organizations: Farm Sanctuary, Surfrider & Mercy for Animals. Starting (today!) Monday July 28th, all Native Foods locations will begin monthly “give backs” to one of these three groups & offer a free special dessert with purchase of entrée, side & drink.

Today’s benefit honors Farm Sanctuary.The mystery dessert is a very special “Bruno’s Blueberry Crumble.” Bruno (pictured above) is one of Native Foods adopted cows!

So, be sure to visit your local Native today, eat some yummy vegan food & support the wonderful efforts of Farm Sanctuary! You can read more about the "Native Pals Partnership" here. Now go get your charity grub on!


Wow! This is a must watch! It’s a pretty powerful animation showing the “typical” human relationship the the natural world. We really have come to such a state of excess, destruction, & disregard for the planet, our health, & our treatment of animals. Very sad! We must start doing our part to inspire change! Make conscious choices. Go vegan. Lighten your footprint. Be kind & compassionate. Reduce, Recycle, Reuse. 


Spot-on animation about the [stereo]typical man’s relationship with the natural world. Growing up, I’m thankful that I started to see things differently, causing me to deviate from such actions while being raised in an environment that encouraged and celebrated these behaviors.

Even if we don’t see eye to eye, it’s worth a watch.

Cooling Summer Quinoa Kitchari

There’s a new recipe at Vegenista’s Kitchen!

Oh, kitchari, a.k.a. “Comfort in a Bowl,” has become a staple in my diet, as evidenced by the many different variations I’ve shared over the months. Why do I love it so much? Well, it is one of the primary healing foods in Ayurveda. Easily digestible, packed with protein, fiber, & balancing spices, kitchari is the preferred food when one is not feeling their best, out of balance, or recovering from illness. Kitchari can be adapted to the seasons, situations, or personal imbalances by using a variety of different oils, spices, & accoutrements. Endless variations are possible, but traditional kitcharis begin with split mung dal & basmati rice.

This recipe uses quinoa instead of the usual basmati rice, giving the meal a lighter texture & additional boost of protein. I added detoxifying lacinato kale & cooling zucchini, both from my CSA, & flavored with a cooling summer spice blend. This delicious & light version of my favorite comfort food has become a summer staple!

Get the recipe here:

Friends! Don’t miss the super secret pre-sell for Nicora Johns’ unisex "Watson Boot" - handmade in the USA, & absolutely no people or animals harmed in the making of these beautiful boots! SUPPORT AWESOME COMPANIES PLEASE. Vote responsibly with your dollars!!

Super secret pre-SALE continues with the unisex Watson boot - only 20 pairs left —————————- Features: Optional belt buckle Fully welted unbreakable soles Weatherproof textile uppers Sweat proof liners Waxed cotton laces —————————— Photo by @sonofelice #madeintheusa #veganboots #textilesnotreptiles

Friends! Don’t miss the super secret pre-sell for Nicora Johns’ unisex "Watson Boot" - handmade in the USA, & absolutely no people or animals harmed in the making of these beautiful boots! SUPPORT AWESOME COMPANIES PLEASE. Vote responsibly with your dollars!!


Super secret pre-SALE continues with the unisex Watson boot - only 20 pairs left
Optional belt buckle
Fully welted unbreakable soles
Weatherproof textile uppers
Sweat proof liners
Waxed cotton laces ——————————
Photo by @sonofelice
#madeintheusa #veganboots #textilesnotreptiles